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Lawcast 111: US lawyer Dan Harris on China

Today I m talking to Dan Harris, a US lawyer, a co-founder of law firm Harris & Moure  in Seattle, Washington and co-author with law firm partner Steve Dickinson  of the China Law Blog.

Before I talk to Dan I’d like to read a passage from an article from LAW PRACTICE MAGAZINE … it gives you a flavour of the man I’m about to talk to:

Making a Small Firm “The Go-To China People”
In a late October post on the award-winning Weblog, international lawyer Dan Harris (who coauthors the blog with partner Steve Dickinson) wrote a short article citing two writers’ analysis of the state of the Chinese economy. He headlined it “Shenzhen: No Manufacturing Jobs, No Cry”—an allusion to the famous Bob Marley song “No Woman, No Cry.” While it’s uncertain how many readers picked up on the reggae reference, its use illustrates Harris’s distinctive writer’s voice and generally carefree style.

Now, you might think that quoting a reefer-inhaling Rastafarian would turn off some clients, especially buttoneddown Fortune 500 CEOs, who tend to prefer the staid-and-steady counsel of Wall Street megafirms. Not so.

Listen to the report with Dan Harris












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