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Lawcast 173: Mark Stephens, Julian Assange’s lawyer, on the rape allegations, Extradition and Wikileaks generally

Today I am talking to Mark Stephens, Julian Assange’s lawyer. A great deal has been written about the rape allegation, the bail issue and, of course, the Wikileaks revelations themselves. It is not hyperbole to say that this is probably the most famous legal issue in the world at the moment.

Mark Stephen’s is quoted in The Daily Mail …as saying says his client, WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange, is accused of ‘sex by surprise’ in Sweden. ‘Whatever “sex by surprise” is, it’s only an offence in Sweden,’ says Stephens. Mark Stephens told BBC1′s Andrew Marr Show: ”It is quite bizarre, because the chief prosecutor in Sweden dropped the entire case against him, saying there was absolutely nothing for him to find back in September, and then a few weeks later on – after the intervention of a Swedish politician – a new prosecutor, not in Stockholm where Julian and these women had been, but in Gothenburg, began a new case which has resulted in these warrants and the Interpol Red Notice being put out. ”It does seem to be a political stunt. ”I have, and his Swedish lawyer has, been trying to get in touch with the prosecutor since August. Usually it is the prosecutor who does the pursuing, not the pursued..”


The Telegraph reported …”Mark Stephens said Mr Assange would ”certainly” fight deportation to Sweden on the grounds that it could lead to him being handed over to the US, where senior politicians have called for him to be executed.”

To put some structure into to this complex subject I have divided the podcast into the following key sections:


Listen to the podcast

Listen to the podcast



Israel’s Entry To US Visa Waiver Programme Under Threat

Applications For US ‘Victim Visas’ Set To Soar








Richard Moorhead’s blog Lawyer Watch


Lawcast 170: Professor Moorhead on the state of UK legal Education

Today I am talking to Professor Richard Moorhead deputy head of the law school at Cardiff University about legal education – the first in a series of between five and seven podcasts on this topical and important issue.

We focus on the following themes:
1. Where are the problems in legal education and training? 2. Is the law degree fit for purpose?
3. Should the professions intervene to improve the law degree?
4. The importance of research-based teaching. Why should practitioners care about that?

Listen to the podcast

Richard Moorhead’s blog post: Legal Education Review: Where does the knowledge come from?


Law Round Up: A few articles from the press and the UK law blogs

Legal Education Review: Where does the knowledge come from? by Prof Richard Moorhead

Law Review: Law schools face crackdown as legal education goes under spotlight




  English legal System | Contract Law | Criminal Law | Equity & Trusts | Public Law | EU Law | Evidence Law | Business Law | Employment Law | Land Law

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Lawcast 169: Prisoner votes – An analysis of Hirst and Frodl with Carl Gardner

Listen to the podcast


Inside Track Podcast: Neil Kinsella, Chief Executive and Managing Partner of Russell Jones and Walker

Today I am talking to Neil Kinsella, Chief Executive and Managing Partner of Russell Jones and Walker.  Neil  reflects on the way his firm weathered the recession and discusses whether they are a full service law firm or specialists, before considering the impact of The Legal Services Act.  Neil discusses the importance of outsourcing, the increasing power of big clients and in-house or general counsel.  Neil gives a candid view of the opportunities for young lawyers at his firm. We discuss the impact of the new government and its intention to repeal laws, examine employment law and simplify tax and how this will provide many opportunities for law firms in the short term. He ends by looking at the likely legal landscape in five years time.

Listen to the podcast

Other podcasts in the Inside Track podcasts which I did with The College of Law


College of Law Inside Track Podcast: Chris Kenny, Chief Executive of the Legal Services Board

Today I talk to Chris Kenny, CEO of the Legal Services Board. Chris Kenny discusses the role and the function of the Legal Services Board and whether there is a need for it.  He talks about the opportunities and threats to lawyers and legal services over the next five years.  He looks at the impact on the Rule of Law given the proposed cuts to civil and criminal legal aid.  He discusses the globalisation of legal services and internaindextional regulatory standards.  Lastly, a bit of futurology, Chris discusses the likindexely legal landscape in the next five years.

Listen to the podcast

Listen to The College of Law Inside Track podcast

All the podcasts I have done for The College of Law



Podcast for Inside Track: Ted Burke, CEO, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer – The Future of The Legal Profession

Today I am talking to Ted Burke about  the prospects for Freshfields and the legal sector in the short to medium term.  He looks at the increasing globalisation of legal work and the knock-on effect for younger lawyers going to work in the City.  He discusses emerging economies such as India, China and Russia and considers opportunities for lawyers to outsource.  As a US qualified lawyer, Ted gives his view on the value of young City lawyers being US/UK dual-qualified.  He considers how the Legal Services Act will impact Freshfields and the other City and commercial law firms.  He ends with a look at the Eurozone and the role of lawyers in clearing up the ‘mess’ and the future global regulation of banking.

Listen to The College of Law Inside Track podcast

All the podcasts I have done for The College of Law


Podcast: Nicholas Green QC – Chairman of the Bar on the future of the legal profession

Nicholas Green QC outlines his vision for the future of the Bar, his optimism that it will continue to develop and grow and his belief in the need for it to become more commercial, while holding on to the highest professional standards. He discusses the impact of the Legal Services Act, including the ability of barristers to go into partnership with solicitors, the issue of direct access to the Bar plus the increasing flexibility of career routes into the profession.

Listen to the podcast
This podcast was recorded as part of The College of Law Inside Track series.
Series 1 of Inside Track, which I did for The College of Law,  may be viewed here


Lawcast 166: Law blogger Jack of Kent on the Paul Chambers Twitter bomb tweet


Today I am talking to the blogger Jack of Kent about the extraordinary decision in the case of Paul Chambers, a young trainee accountant, who  posted a ‘bomb’ message on Twitter. The message was “Crap! Robin Hood Airport is closed. You’ve got a week and a bit to get your shit together, otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high!” This was in response to a news feed that he had just received that the airport was closed due to the weather conditions prevailing at that time.

Paul Chambers was arrested and questioned on suspicion for the “bomb hoax” offence under the Criminal Law Act 1977. The CPS realised that they did not have sufficient evidence for the bomb hoax offence under the 1977 Act, that is the actual legislation dealing with supposed bomb hoaxes….and as Jack of Kent said on his blog…. “So some bright spark came up with section 127 of the Communications Act 2003″…. a provision which the CPS actually sees as not requiring any evidence of intention. See also Express Solicitors



Head of Legal blog



20 Minutes with Carl Gardner: Arresting Popes, all law since 2000 null and void? and the Queen's powers in the event of a hung parliament


Listen to the podcast

A series of podcasts with political' commentators...

Emily Nomates, Editor of Guy News | Tom Harris MP | Iain Dale, Blogger and pundit | Tom Williams


Head of Legal blog




Lawcast164: The legal basis for the Iraq War and Lord Goldsmith's opinion with Carl Gardner

Today I am talking to Carl Gardner, a former government lawyer in Tony Blair's administration and author of the Head of Legal blog, about the legality of the War in Iraq.

 The legal analysis turns on United Nations Special Resolution 1441.  Yesterday Sir Michael Wood, Legal Adviser to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office,  was quite specific in his view that war would be unlawful without a second resolution.   The Foreign secretary, Jack Straw, rejected Sir Michael's advice.  Elizabeth Wilmshurst, a deputy legal adviser at the FCO, was of the same view as Sir Michael Wood and, indeed resigned, so strong was her conviction that the war was unlawful.

 Philippe Sands QC of Matrix Chambers and professor of International Law at University College London has long been of the view that the war in Iraq was illegal and published a book to that effect some time ago.  There are few supporters of the revivalist theory put forward by Lord Goldsmith at the Iraq Inquiry hearing today but Carl Gardner is one lawyer who does and I am going to discuss his reasoning shortly.

Listen to the podcast


A Public Defender blog



Lawcast 163: With 'Gideon' - a US public defender


Today I am talking to 'Gideon', a US public defender and the author of the A Public defender blog. We look at the death penalty issue in the United states, the increasing use of surveillance in our respective jurisdictions, the latest on President Obama's plan to close Guantanamo and even find time to discuss whether a tweet is copyrightable.


Listen to the podcast


Matthew Taylor - MTPT blog



Lawcast 162: Law News round up with Matthew Taylor

Today I am talking to Matthew Taylor, a solicitor, who is also author of the MTPT blog. In the last week two important legal issues have caught my eye the motion granted to John Hemming MP about contempt of parliament by a law firm and the European Court of Human Rights decision that s44 stop and search powers are illegal. In fact, there has been a lot of law news this week and we'll be exploring some of these issues in the podcast today..

We consider also Trial by judge alone, Marco Pierre White case against Withers, television in court and the Iraq Inquiry.


Listen to the podcast

  Law Society Gazette podcast: Jonathan Goldsmith

I talk to Jonathan Goldsmith about the role of the CCBE, the Akzo Nobel case on in-house counsel, the new Justice Commissioner and the opportunities for lawyers in Europe.


Jonathan Goldsmith is the Secretary General of the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE), which represents over 700,000 European lawyers through its member bars and law societies. The CCBE deals with a wide range of EU and global issues, such as anti-money-laundering legislation, an EU-wide Code of Conduct, competition matters affecting the legal profession, and human rights. He is an English solicitor. | Listen to the podcas

  Law Society Gazette Podcast: Robert Heslett, President of The Law Society

Today I am talking To Robert Heslett. We cover a wide range of topics from the rule of law, the opportunities and threats to the solicitors profession, human rights and Twitter and other forms of social media and how they could be of benefit to lawyers.

Listen to the podcast


  College of Law Inside Track Podcast: Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty

Today I talk to Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty. Shami Chakrabarti gives her thoughts on why the Human Rights Act is so important and outlines Liberty's key role in the successful campaign to defeat proposals to increase the period that terror suspects could be held without charge to 42 days. She also discusses the role of the judiciary in upholding democratic values and gives advice to young lawyers interested in working within the field of human rights and civil liberties.

Listen to the podcast

This concludes my series of podcasts for The College of Law. Earlier podcasts in the series may be found on the College of Law website


Geoffrey Woollard blog


Lawcast 161: Geoffrey Woollard, a prospective parliamentary candidate

Today I am talking to Geoffrey Woollard, a farmer of many years standing who describes himself as an ex-Tory and is planning to stand for Parliament as an independent for South East Cambridgeshire. . Geoffrey responded to my new parody series The Huntsman's View and I thought it would be an excellent opportunity in the run up to the 2010 election to get a handle on matters political and in particular the process of standing for Parliament by inviting Geoffrey to do a podcast with me. I am delighted that he agreed to do so... so without further ado...

Listen to the podcast


All About Law



Lawcast 160: Paul & Jack from All About Law

Today I am talking to paul and Jack, the founders of All About Law - a law careers oriented site for law students with independent reviews of law schools and much much more..


Listen to the podcast

  College of Law Inside Track Podcast: Keir Starmer QC, Director of Public Prosecutions

I talk to Keir Starmer QC the Director of Public Prosecutions about  the role of the DPP, the recently issued guidelines on assisted suicide, the future of the Public Prosecution Service, the relationship with the independent Bar and opportunities for students and qualified lawyers in the service.

Listen to the podcast


Law Society Gazette Podcast: Christina Blacklaws on the state of Family Law today.

Today I talk to Christina Blacklaws who specialises in child care law and mediation. A founding partner of Blacklaws Davis LLP, she is a member of the Children Panel, a Law Society Council member, serving as child care representative for the Council.

Listen to the podcast




College of Law Inside Track podcast: Professor Stephen Mayson on the legal landscape.

Today I talk to Professor Stephen Mayson. He considers the future of the legal profession and the legal landscape following the opportunities for alternate business structures and the opportunities for young lawyers coming into the profession over the next few years.
Listen to the podcast


Law Society Gazette Podcast: Roger Smith, Director of Justice - The POCA extension and the erosion of human rights and civil liberties.

I am now doing two podcasts a month for The Law Society Gazette.  The second podcast is now up

I talk to Roger Smith, director of Justice, about the POCA extension and the erosion of human rights and civil liberties. Roger Smith is director of the law reform and human rights organisation Justice, he is a solicitor who has worked for organisations including the Law Society, the Legal Action Group and the Child Poverty Action Group.

Listen to the podcast


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Ex-government lawyer Carl Gardner for Constitutional Law and European Law, Andrew Keogh, Barrister, for Criminal law, Solomon Solaka of Liverpool John Moores University for Evidence | Dr John Birchall for Equity & Trusts and Land Law, Dr Peter Groves, a solicitor for Intellectual Property and Competition Law, Michael Scutt, partner in City Law firm Dale Langley for Employment, John Bolch, Solicitor and leading Family Law blogger for Family Law and I will be doing Contract, Sale, Tort and assisting Peter Groves with Competition Law. The project is Free under a creative commons licence for personal use - authors retain copyright - and is being sponsored by leading law schools, some law firms and publishers to enable us to provide a very extensive and up to date service. Recorded lectures will accompany the text and casenotes material - and it is all FREE.


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What is the process for DNA testing?

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